Thursday, December 6, 2012

Year 7 Graduation and Fun Day

On Tuesday evening, we celebrated the journey of our graduating students through their years of primary education. The students were formally farewelled with Mass followed by dinner and entertainment by the children. It was a beautiful and moving evening, with the children acquitting themselves wonderfully well as they spoke, danced and sang about their years here at St A's. Many staff and parents were witness to this celebration and HUGE congratulations need to go to their teachers - Mrs Bernadette Rogers and Ms Narelle Todd - for their dedication and commitment, not only for this special evening, but for the whole academic year. Special thanks also go to Mrs Annette Ash (president of the P&F and year 7 parent), who tirelessly worked behind the scenes, the wonderful year 6 parents who catered for the evening and helped out in many ways, and to all those 'unsung heroes' who remain nameless, but nevertheless, are very valued for their contributions, and finally, the Year 7 students who once again made us proud and humbled by the growth and maturity we witness in them. Best wishes for your secondary education and always remember to reach for the stars! Well done, all!

Wednesday saw the whole school take a big sigh and relax, with all classes involved in Fun Day activities at various venues. Feedback indicates that the day was a great success and everyone now feels energised to face moving day today and our end-of-year liturgy and farewell on Friday. It has been another great year and we can all look forward to a relaxing break, after which we will be ready to face the new school year in 2013. Have a wonderful Christmas, take extreme care and God bless us, one and all!

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